Term of Use

end user, user, you – the user of the website from entering the site to leaving it
operator - the owner of the website, it’s operator
website - the service that includes the following country coded eventjams sites and their full
content: www.eventjams.com; www.eventjams.fr; www.eventjams.uk; www.eventjams.es;
www.eventjams.co.nz; www.eventjams.de; www.eventjams.co.za; www.eventjams.nl;
www.eventjams.be; www.eventjams.it; www.eventjams.com.br;
www.eventjams.ch;ewww.eventjams.pt; www.eventjams.ca;

Terms of Use

This Terms of Use defines the provisions about the full use of this website without exceptions. With the usage of this website, (that starts with entering the website, anywhere on the website) you as the end user of the website agree to uphold and accept all the terms and condition of use defined by the operator regarding the whole website.

Our service displays content regarding events with approval. Eventjams website is not responsible for the actuality of information originating from other websites (displayed with approval) and we don’t take responsibility for harm or loss originating from information displayed on the website; validating their actuality is the responsibility of the end user.

The website is an online service site and it’s not responsible for damages caused by a third party including internet malfunction, electricity supply, damages originating from outage in the service of the website server service or any other damages that is not monitored by the website and is also not responsible for damages originating from the delay of update of information on the site.

The website and its operator does not take responsibility for any violation of copyright law. The website and its owner does not own the content displayed on the site and is not responsible for the actuality of content not regarding the website.

When the end user uploads content to the website, they grant permission for the website worldwide to display and use in any way including storage, reproduction, alteration, change or any kind of usage. With this approval a better service is provided. The continuation of these rights of the website and its owner remain even if the submitter of content or the content is no longer on the website or if the end user stopped taking the service of the website.

The settings set by the end user on the website (menu checkmarks) is respected by the website regarding possibilities and functions of the website.

The end user accepts by entering the website to get periodical newsletters from the website regarding news and changes on the site.

If you disagree with any of these terms please leave our web platform.