Privacy Policy


The aim of this Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy governs the use and protection of the data of registered users, newsletter subscribers and users of the website, through the internet. 

The Privacy Policy describes how this Website collects and uses which types of data, and how the data can be used. The data never gets transmitted to unauthorized third parties.


By using the Website or accepting the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the Website, you accept and agree to all terms in the two documents mentioned above. If you do not agree to and accept these terms, you need to leave the Website. The Website gives you the option to delete all data stored by the Website.

By accepting the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use, you agree to the followings:

The English language is the primary language for the website's global and regional sites, so it's the only one the contents of the English Privacy Statement contained on these websites. The English version of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are the default on these sites. If you do not accept it please leave the website and do not use our service.


The personal information entered by Users isn’t checked. Only the User is responsible for providing real data.


User, User of the Website, You: a natural person using the website in any way, throughout the duration of their visit.


Website operator, Website owner, Data controller, Data processor, Service Provider, We, Us: the natural or legal person responsible for the operation and ownership of the website.

Name of service provider: Szabolcs Szilagyi

Office address of service provider: 54 Pozsonyi Street, 3526 Miskolc

E-mail for general inquiries:

E-mail for data management inquiries:




Website, Service: all websites operated by the owner of the website (both global and regional websites), as well as those services that are available and operated by the Service Provider on the website. Included are the following websites with country codes, and the URLs, on which the Service is operating:

Global website:;

Regional websites:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Third Party: a natural or legal person, or an organization with no legal personality, who is not the same as the Owner of the Website, who is not the Service Provider.

Personal data: any data or information, by which the User is identifiable – either directly or indirectly.


Automatically collected data: data that are collected in order to offer a better service.

Data: automatically collected data and personal data



Where are we storing the data?


The website’s global and regional websites are stored in the United States, but the data processing can take place in other countries.


Who can access the data, who are we sharing the data with?

The data can be accessed by the Service Provider primarily, the conditions for the access of any other third party are documented in writing, even in the case of subcontractors.

The Service Provider is authorized to share your information with the authorities, with services owned by third parties, with possible future partners (partner platforms, service providers, subcontractors, etc.), who can only use your data in ways described in the agreement between the two parties, under conditions which are also described in the agreement, in writing, while in compliance with the regulations in force. Every intermediary (for example, subcontractors) must also manage personal data according to our instructions.


What data are we collecting and managing?


3.1. Automatically collected data


When visiting the Website, or when you log in or register an account on our Website, we automatically collect and store data and information about your device and your activities.


Automatically collected data can be: IP address, screen resolution, operating system version, statistics of pages visited on this Website, behavioral pattern, browsing habits, time zone, language, information about your geographic location.



The aim of the collection of automatically collected data is to know our users’ needs better, to clarify the goals of developing our website further, to provide a better service, so you can choose whether to provide this information or not. It can be denied, but the Website’s functionality will be limited.


3.2. Collection of personal data:

Personal data is every piece of information that is related to an identified or identifiable User. Pieces of information, which when viewed together, can identify a person, also counts as personal data. Collection of data is taking place in a transparent way, confidentially. Primarily, we are collecting the following data: First name, last name, e-mail address.

During every visit to the Website, additional data gets collected automatically because of technical reasons, like IP address (this is assigned by your internet service provider to your computer in order to connect to the internet), or information about the website from which you visited our website or offer, your browser settings, technical information. This data can be classified as personal data in some cases. The Service Provider uses this site to the extent needed in order to maintain the Website and defend it against possible attacks.

You don’t need to provide your personal information to view and use our Website, however you need to accept our cookie policy in order to browse.


Our Service uses the integrated services of Facebook, Gmail and similar providers, with which you can register on our Website or log into the account in our Service, therefore with your consent, we can store data related to your accounts on the services provided by third parties. The services mentioned above have their own, separate policies and terms, which are available on their websites, with their security information, copyright and other policies. The User is solely responsible for compliance with their terms and conditions.



In order to register on the Website or subscribe to the newsletter, you need to agree to the Privacy Policy. If you do not want to enter your personal information, you cannot access certain services and functions of the Website.


The Website collects public events and their data through a third party’s API, private events and their data won’t be collected. If you’d like to report something related to an event, you can do that via the e-mail address The Provider is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the public event’s details. The Provider is not responsible for the material or other damages caused by incorrect or missing event data and information.



4.    What is the legal basis, method and purpose of data management?

The data management is done according to the methods by which the Users are informed about, so the User expressly agrees to the use of their personal information which they provided during their use of the website.


The purpose of data management of the User’s personal information is to provide services available on the Website, so fulfillment of the Services (list-like display of events, sending newsletters), identification of the User, being in contact with the User, the User’s registration, statistics, creation of analytics and analysis, prevention of unauthorized access to personal data, sending newsletters and advertisements through e-mail, fulfillment of the Provider’s other legal and accounting liabilities, and contacting the User for marketing purposes, upgrading the Services (which means developing the website and the service). The Provider does not allow unauthorized access of Users’ personal data for third parties.


The Provider does not check the entered personal information. Only the User is liable for the correctness of the entered data. When entering the e-mail address, the User is also liable for making sure that only they (one person) use the Service from that e-mail address. Given this liability, the User is also held liable for anything in connection with the activities done while being signed in with the account having that specific e-mail address.


The User’s content is provided with respect to each data processing by using the Website, by registering or by voluntarily providing the information in question.





5. The time of data processing


The processing of personal data begins by entering the mandatory information at the time of registration, and ends by deleting the registration, including deleting the log files.


In the case of automatically collected data, the data processing starts by receiving the data and ends with the deletion of that data.


Those data, that the Website’s User specified on the website apart from the registration, for example, if they contacted us through e-mail or by post, will be deleted 180 days after closing that specific case, except if, in a unique case, it is in the Provider’s legitimate interest to store the data longer, till this legitimate interest of the Provider persists.



 6. Safety of the data


Every personal information, automatically collected information, and the whole website is stored on secure servers.

We use various security technologies and measures to protect your information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. The Website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology for encryption.

You acknowledge that no system can be completely safe. However, to ensure the security of the data, we take the appropriate steps. Please note that the internet cannot be guaranteed to be 100% safe.


7. Persons and companies collecting, processing and controlling data

The data is handled by the operator and owner of the Website, the Service Provider, with the assistance of the following organizations, companies and natural persons:

·        DigitalOcean, LLC. – Server provider - 101 Ave of the Americas 10th Floor New York 10013. UNITED STATES

·        Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

·        the Website’s operator and owner, the Service Provider



8. The rights and right enforcement options of the User


8.1. Right to information and access


The User is entitled to request information about the personal information handled by the Service Provider at any time, and is able to modify them after logging in, in the Settings menu, apart from the e-mail address, first name and last name (these can’t be modified but can be deleted by deleting the account itself).


We provide the right to access the data in our system, so after logging in, the User can view their stored and handled personal data in the Settings menu.


The User can contact a colleague of the Service Provider with any questions or comments regarding the data processing at the e-mail address





8.2. The User can request the removal, modification or locking of their data


The User is entitled to request the modification or removal of incorrectly entered data. The data can be corrected by the User themselves (except the e-mail address, first name and last name entered at registration). The User can remove their whole account as well, this can be done in the Settings menu after logging in on the Website.


The User can also request to lock their data. The Service Provider locks the personal data if the User requests it, or if, on the basis of the information available, it can be assumed that the removal would undermine the legitimate interests of the User. Personal data locked this way can be processed until the legitimate interest that prevented the data from being removed persists.


 The User, and all others, who have received the data for data processing, must be notified about the modification, locking or removal of the data. Notification may be omitted if it does not violate the User’s legitimate interests.


If the Service Provider does not fulfill the User’s request for modification, removal or locking, they shall provide, in writing, the reasons and legal grounds for rejecting the request for modification, removal or locking within 60 days of receiving the request.


Because of the integration of Facebook, Gmail and other third parties on the Website, if your personal information is transferred to the Service Provider by a third party, for example, by logging in with a Facebook or Gmail account, the data cannot be corrected in some cases (only on the third party’s interface), it can only be deleted by deleting your personal account on the Website.



8.3. The User may object to the handling of their personal data


The User may object to the handling of their personal data, by taking into account the following: If the user does not wish to provide their personal information, they will not be able to access specific services or functions of the Website, and registration is not possible on the Website either. If the User objects to the handling of their personal data after registration, it can be solved by deleting their personal account on the Website.

The User can object to the handling of their personal data after they have already registered and can request that the personal data processing is stopped (this is possible by deleting the registered account on the Website), the User can delete the registered account themselves, this removes every information stored about them on the Website.

The Provider evaluates the objection request as soon as possible, but within 60 days, makes a decision regarding its soundness, and notifies the requestor in writing.




 8.4.          Right to data transfer, automated decision making, right of withdrawal, right to turn to court

In the case of data transfer, the User is entitled to receive the personal information stored about them on the Service by the Service Provider in e-mail, in a transparent form, and can forward such data to another data controller.

The User has the right to not expose themselves to automated data management. If you do not agree to automated data management, please leave our website and do not create a user account on the Website. The User is entitled to withdraw their consent at any time. In the event that the User’s rights are breached, the User may apply to the city court of the Provider’s Office.



8.5. Legal remedies:


For information on privacy, and for the User to enforce their rights, contact the Service Provider at the following e-mail address:


The Service, the Service Provider acts in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR), protecting the Users’ privacy.


In addition, according to the Hungarian Civil Code (Act IV of 1959), the User can apply to NAIH on the treatment of their personal data and can exercise their rights in court.




Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information)



We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. You are liable to check this page frequently for changes, and to be aware of any modifications. If you use our website after any modification comes into effect, you accept and agree to the modifications. We notify our Users about the modification of the Privacy Policy.





9. Cookie Policy


You may only use our Service if you accept and agree to all points of the Cookie Policy. This Cookie Policy is only applicable to this Website. If you click on a link leading to another website, you need to search for and read their separate Cookie Policy as well.





9.1. What does cookie mean?


Cookies are files or pieces of information that your browser saves from our Website and stores them on your computer. We can recognize that you already visited our Website by reading these cookies with our server when you visit our Website again.

Most web browsers accept cookies, but you can alter your settings to reject cookies. Cookies are used to provide specific features and provide you with a better service.


 9.2. What is the aim of cookies?


We also use these cookie technologies for various purposes, such as showing the most relevant content or advertisement to the User; to improve our products and services; and to maintain the security of our Services.

9.3. How are cookies created and how are they used?

When cookies are created, first, the client machine sends a request to the server. The server then generates a unique identifier and stores it in its own database, then returns the cookie that is created with all the information to the client. The cookie returned to the client is stored on the client’s machine.

When the client makes a connection to the server again, it attaches the cookie created previously. The server analyzes the received and the stored cookie’s data.

9.4. What types of cookies do we and can we use?

Our Website uses the following types, but we can introduce newer types of cookies as we develop our website further. (other cookie information can be found on the following website:

9.4.1. Absolutely necessary, session cookies


Session cookies are required to allow users to browse the Website and use its features, including saving the actions performed on the Website during your visit. These cookies are essential, we can not guarantee that our Website can be used without using these cookies.


9.4.2. Useful cookies

These cookies provide the opportunity for the Website to remember the choices made by the Users on the Website.


9.4.3. Performance enhancer cookies

Google Analytics cookies help to collect anonymous information about how our Users browse our Website. These cookies cannot be used to track you (the IP address used at the time is only partly stored), an example to the type of information stored is which sites did the User visit, where did the User click, which country did the User visit from, how long were the visits, what were possible error messages – these help develop the website further, help making the user experience smoother. For more information about Google Analytics cookies, please visit Google’s website.


To support our business, we allow third party advertisements on our website (for example, Google). Some of these advertisers may use technologies like this, such as cookies, IP address, ISP, browser type. For more information, you can visit Google’s website: ( ) – and Facebook’s website:



9.5. Cookie management

You can disable or remove cookies in the browser’s settings. You can find more information about this setting in the browser’s help menu.



If you disable the use of cookies completely, it may disable the full functionality of the website or may disable some of its features.


10.Links to other websites

You can navigate to third party websites from the Website. The Website, the Service Provider does not have control over these websites and can not be held liable for their content or their personal data management. To protect your personal information, we encourage you to read their privacy policy and information about how they store your personal data. 



11.Data transfer

The Service Provider is entitled to transmit all data they have to the competent authority. In this case of data transfer, the Service Provider is not liable for the resulting consequences. Data transfer may be due to the complete operation of the Website.


In the case of any data transfer, the Service Provider needs to keep a record, abide by the legal regulations, and in the case of official control, the regulatory obligations.






12. Data protection of minors and limited liability persons


The personal data of a person who has not reached the age of 18 can only be controlled if an adult who exercises parental control over the person consents to it. Likewise, parental consent is required for the use of the Website in the case of children with no or limited liability.

 The data controller, Service Provider does not check (and cannot check) the consent of the User, so it is a liability of the User or the person exercising parental control over the User for compliance with the law.

By signing up for the site you or the person exercising parental control over you will acknowledge that the person registering the website has reached the age of 18.




13. Newsletter, Personalized newsletter


The Service Provider pays particular attention to use the managed e-mail addresses lawfully, so we only use them to send e-mails as specified below.


The management of e-mail addresses is mainly to identify users, secondly, to send newsletters containing events stored on Eventjams’ global and regional websites based on the User’s settings, thirdly, it lets us execute the orders during the use of the Website and helps us stay in contact with our Users.



We only send advertisements and personalized event recommendation newsletters to the e-mail addresses entered at registration with the explicit consent of the User, which they requested on the Website. The newsletter contains direct marketing elements and advertisements. The Service Provider processes the information provided by the user when sending the newsletter.

Subscribing to the newsletter can only be done while registering on the Website. If you opt out, you will not be sent any more newsletters and offers, advertisements by the Service.


The User may, at any time, unsubscribe from the newsletter by logging into the Website, under the settings menu, but this does not mean the complete deletion of the user account.